SOUTHWEST HEATERS is a radiator repair company which specializes in all kinds of radiators, whether they are:

Norbert and Alain DUPAU
Norbert and Alain DUPAU

SOUTHWEST RADIATOR (ORS) is a company of professionals in heat exchange.
Founded 50 years ago by Mr Norbert Dupau , the company was naturally continued by his son Alain Dupau. It is located in the artisanal area of Yvrac (Bordeaux - 33000) since 2009, when SOUTHWEST RADIATOR chose to broaden its skills by adding the manufacture of custom copper beams to its list.
Our portfolio spans from industry heavyweights to agriculture, public works, light vehicles, and competition. We will always have a solution for you regarding your radiators (free estimate).
Our strength is to have the expertise that allows us to take charge of your radiator from A to Z.
Today SOUTHWEST RADIATOR has 14 permanent employees, who form a team truly concerned with the quality of the radiators it produces.

SOUTHWEST HEATERS : a trading company


SOUTHWEST HEATERS is a trading company specialized in water, air, and oil radiators, as well as air conditioning condensers for all types of engines..

  • Light vehicles
  • Heavyweights
  • Public Works
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Boats
  • Electric power units

Also fans for forklift operators and heavyweights.